Hublet, Hockey, Rugby, Conga…

Hublet, Hockey, Rugby, Conga, Rabbits, Shakespeare. Not words you would normally see together but these are my notes for my reflection this week!

Our Pre-Prep library and Performing Arts room have been officially opened this week with thanks to Mrs Rhodes for cutting the Ribbon at the Hublet.

We also welcomed The Pantaloons to St Peter’s for an outdoor showing of William Shakespeare’s ‘As you like it’! The Year 5s loved their workshop. Thank you to The Pantaloons for officially opening the Performing Arts room for us as well.

We have played our first matches – well done indeed to all the teams. I particularly enjoyed seeing our U9s play in their first Hockey and Rugby tournaments and at break time about fifty children took part in a spontaneous conga! What a treat.

And so to the highlight of the week – the rabbits have arrived! Hop, Spot and Whiskers are absolutely beautiful black and white Dutch Rabbits with very ‘twitchy’ noses as one 5 year old observed yesterday. They are settling in well and the children have very much enjoyed welcoming them to St Peter’s as new members of our school. One of our parents has made the most amazing fox proof house and run and the rabbits have lots of space to hop about. We have upper school volunteers who will be cleaning and feeding the rabbits on a rotation with a couple of Year 8s in a supervisory role. We will let them settle until we handle them later in the term.

C.Johnston, Head