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Minotaurs and Madness

Trinity - Week 10

This week has predominantly been about the DRAMA! ‘Could it be that a bunch of 10 year olds could seriously put on ‘Hamlet’ for an hour?  Well the answer was a resounding ‘Yes!’. A tremendous production by Year 5 in the Wessex with songs, monologues, drama, lots of dramatic deaths and some wonderful comedy moments.  Hugo put on a very thoughtful and clever Hamlet while Caitlin put on a rather credible ‘mad’ Ophelia. The comedic turn of the Grave diggers played by Heidi and Stella were a welcome relief from the dark drama.  Everyone did so well. The audience and I were impressed with the maturity and sophistication of the performances – the sense of timing and stage presence felt. It was a triumphant night. Closely followed by…

The Year 4 production of ‘Greece goes to pieces!’.  The Year 4 production is put on at the Blackmore theatre in Exmouth.  A real theatre with professional lighting, sound, curtains, back stage etc.  What an opportunity for 8 and 9 year olds to have. And it was extremely accomplished.  The children were articulate, confident and put on a seriously entertaining performance.  The slow-motion wrestling, the rather terrifying minotaur (a fierce Edward), the cast kneeling to mighty Zeus (a very serious Monty raised up above them on a platform), Ariadne, a woman scorned (Emma in all her finger pointing fury) and the hero of all heroes Theseus (Jasper with great timing and stage presence) just to name a few.  All the cast had a moment to shine and congratulations to the staff for all of their hard work. Well done.

The Ball was an incredible evening. We are busy gathering pictures, but many thanks to the committee — what a night to remember!

Things are warming up for the summer…

Trinity - Week 9

What a week! The sun finally shone. The children have never done so much swimming and we enjoyed three sports days and a Year 7 and 8 family beach picnic in glorious sunshine.

The children are away on lots of residentials and I loved taking Year 8 to watch the classic Agatha Christie’s ‘Mousetrap’ at Bristol Hippodrome on Wednesday.

The Ball takes place next Saturday the programme looks fantastic. Huge thanks to all those parents involved in making it happen. I leave you with some pictures from the beach picnic in which the girls won the tug of war!

Charlotte Johnston, Head

A visit from the magical Merlin

Trinity - Week 8

We have had a wonderful week with 
the highlight being 2 drama showcases, Year 7’s 
‘melodramas’ was highly entertaining with some really classic slapstick and
the Year 6s were truly impressive with their choral poetry and wonderful
 songs. My thanks to Mrs Hurley, Mrs Colwill and Mrs Lowles.

And then something incredibly exhilarating – the landing of the
 Royal Marines Merlin Helicopter on the Abram field followed by an afternoon of exploration and learning about the Navy, the Royal
 Marines and their life of adventure. It was tremendously excit
ing to see it land and it was a great achievement to see all of 
Nursery and Reception fitting inside! Thank you so much to Mrs 
Radcliffe and Mrs Hurley for organising! We all loved it.

From tiny shoots…

Trinity - Week 6

See above for another cracker from our recent photoshoot for your enjoyment! As I write this the rain is pouring down. Luckily we don’t have matches to cancel on a Friday and the majority of Year 4’s residential at Outposts will be done by lunchtime.

Reception gleefully told me about seeing a ‘GINORMOUS’ jellyfish at the beach and proudly showed me their beans which have grown from tiny shoots to large planted out plants that they will grow up the back of their classrooms. Nursery are in the process of planting a sensory garden as well.

Thursday saw our first U8 cricket match against Stover with girls and boys mixed up and representing St Peter’s rather than a separate girls and boys team. It was great fun and the addition of the ball on the cone to hit if the bowling was a ‘bit off’ kept the pace of the match going well.

Mrs White organised a tremendous U7 athletics festival against a variety of opposition. The rain stopped and the sun came out for a wonderful afternoon of running, jumping, sack racing and egg and spoon racing. The 1st XI played against Exeter at a very late match on Wednesday, unfortunately not returning victorious but loving the Cricket all the same.

The children have been working hard revising for exams which take place next week. Following that, the Year 8 Leavers’ program will commence with an overnight trip to Dartmoor and various activities such as a visit to see The Mousetrap at Bristol Old Vic, a bike challenge at Haldon and a Careers Focus day with Moneysense training. There will be a circus skills performance and buffet provided by the children as we work towards the end of term. But much is to be done before then.

The Year 5 leave for Brerial Castle on Monday – a residential revolving around the Alex Rider ‘Spy’ series – the children will take part in a mysterious adventure. Year 6 are off to the Eden project for a residential with an eco focus as well as visiting Charlestown and the historic tall ships on the way down. Year 3 will visit Heatree. The children enjoy these trips so much and the staff love being with the children away from the classroom. Parents always comment that they come back a little taller and a little more grown up (the children, not the staff!). My thanks to Mrs Tyson as overall coordinator and the tremendous staff who make these opportunities happen for the children.

This week I will be sifting through the Year 7 applications for House Captains, Heads of Sport and Head Boy / Head Girl as we look to the next academic year. The calibre of application has been truly impressive. It will be a difficult choice.

The Sailors did brilliantly at the IAPS competition before half term as you can see from the featured photo – well done all.