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Heroes, Halloween, Heads and House Captains

Michaelmas - Week 7

We have had a wonderful week of two halves with some glorious sunshine and some really dreadful weather. It was the first beach school of the year – luckily on the Sunny day and the Year 2s enjoyed their very strict Victorian School Day!
Year 4 impressed the entire school with their outstanding Heroes’ projects. I couldn’t believe how articulate and thorough the children were in presenting their findings. Heroes ranged from Mountain runners to ‘my mum’ and all was presented in true St Peter’s style. Well done to Mr Godwin-Brown and Mrs Sims for working so hard with the children.
I have been meeting with Mrs Tyson to discuss a whole school poppy display in main Reception to mark Remembrance this year. However, before that is Harvest next Friday – please do bring in dried food, tins etc. and deposit it into the green boxes in the main Reception. However, before that(!) it’s the Halloween Disco next Thursday. Always a tremendous event supported by the whole school.
With one week to go until half term I can’t believe how quickly this half has gone. Thank you so much to all those parents who joined us for our first PTA of the year this week. Plans are underway for the Christmas Fair and the Ball next year. All help is hugely appreciated.
Thank you to Mr Brett for taking the cracking photos of our leadership team this year. Jack and Grace as Head Boy and Head Girl and the House Captains: Harriet, Parker, Alice and Alex. I’ve been very impressed with Year 8 rising to the challenge of leadership, setting a tremendous example and embracing responsibility. Well done.
And finally here is Sam of year 8 sheltering a reception child from the rain on her way from the Bus to Reception. What a treat of a picture.

Shining Examples

Michaelmas - Week 5

Our Thought for the Week this week relates to the featured picture. As part of the philosophy and big thinking drive we have discussions on what concepts could
be considered in images/quotes or ‘thunks’. This one certainly provided some wonderful ideas in assembly this Friday.

I have been so impressed with the discussion and language used by children from six to thirteen as they learn the techniques in Philosophy for Children. Our Chair of the Board of Reference observed some lessons on Friday and couldn’t believe the language used. For example, ‘I would like to build on Harry’s point’ (age 7). ‘I agree with James but I also think…’.

I watched some great Rugby on Wednesday and very much enjoyed my first Art lesson in Reception ABJ (along with a woodland walk and some time with the Rabbits!).

We look forward to a weekend of Open Day and Strictly in front of the fire. I am touring new parents and prospective pupils over the weeks and we have received some wonderful feedback and lots of new sign-ups for next year. Our Reception is already looking nearly full for next year! Please see below the lovely feedback from a recent prospective parent. It is the pupils that shine here at St Peter’s and our amazing staff and I feel hugely proud on tours and on our Open days. If you are a current parent, do come along to see the recent developments and meet the older children.

“We just wanted to thank you very much for taking time out of your day to chat with us about St Peter’s, to answer our questions and to show us around the school…We enjoyed our visit so much and were thoroughly impressed with the children – their enthusiasm, polite behaviour, studiousness and energy and also the teachers and all the innovative teaching methods and self assessments that you have in place. We have looked around many schools in the past two years and never thought we could find one to match our son’s current school, but…St Peters has all the same values, energy, feel and ethos. We really loved it.”

Hublet, Hockey, Rugby, Conga…

Michaelmas - Week 3

Hublet, Hockey, Rugby, Conga, Rabbits, Shakespeare. Not words you would normally see together but these are my notes for my reflection this week!

Our Pre-Prep library and Performing Arts room have been officially opened this week with thanks to Mrs Rhodes for cutting the Ribbon at the Hublet.

We also welcomed The Pantaloons to St Peter’s for an outdoor showing of William Shakespeare’s ‘As you like it’! The Year 5s loved their workshop. Thank you to The Pantaloons for officially opening the Performing Arts room for us as well.

We have played our first matches – well done indeed to all the teams. I particularly enjoyed seeing our U9s play in their first Hockey and Rugby tournaments and at break time about fifty children took part in a spontaneous conga! What a treat.

And so to the highlight of the week – the rabbits have arrived! Hop, Spot and Whiskers are absolutely beautiful black and white Dutch Rabbits with very ‘twitchy’ noses as one 5 year old observed yesterday. They are settling in well and the children have very much enjoyed welcoming them to St Peter’s as new members of our school. One of our parents has made the most amazing fox proof house and run and the rabbits have lots of space to hop about. We have upper school volunteers who will be cleaning and feeding the rabbits on a rotation with a couple of Year 8s in a supervisory role. We will let them settle until we handle them later in the term.

C.Johnston, Head

Welcome back

Michaelmas - Week 2

Welcome to my first blog entry of the Year. To the right is the view out of my window at 8am last Friday. ‘Jasper meets the cow!’ . What lucky children to be surrounded by such beautiful nature every day.

It has been wonderful to welcome back all of our children and to meet new families. We have 37 new children joining this term and they have all got off to a tremendous start.

The Pre-prep has a new Nursery in the Early Years Hall, along with new Reception and Year 1 classrooms. One of our focuses for the year is Outdoor Learning and it has been lovely to see the children making the most of the 28 acres that we have here at St Peter’s. The outdoor classrooms have been fully utilised and not just by the Pre-prep. It has been super to see Year 3 and Year 4 dressing up and making potions alongside Year 1! A real highlight has been the Nursery gravel ‘diggers’ area and the new Home corner. I’ve observed some deep thinking in our new ‘Philosophy for Children’ sessions. Our Year 8s have come back ready to lead the school and I was very proud of Jack and Grace as they read the School Prayer on the first assembly back.

I’ve enjoyed watching rugby and hockey training sessions and meeting parents at the Upper School Drinks this week. Well done to our 1st XV who attended their first match at the Clifton College tournament on Sunday. A great start to the season. I am sure the parents enjoyed a good lunch!

Our thought for the week this week is all about ‘better’. ‘My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be’. Please do discuss this with your children.

This week I look forward to visiting Sherborne Girls and watching Shakespeare in the Grounds on Friday 14 September – do come! It is such a wonderful opportunity for children of all ages to watch a Shakespeare performance – don’t miss out, remember to book tickets via www.thepantaloons.co.uk

Charlotte Johnston, Head